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Once more she flies through Autumn skies

Autumn is on the wing and so is the wiley dancing bird of cosmic and earthly joy. For 8 months she has roamed the skyways and the ether and moved in silence over the oceans of darkness stretched between the stars. Soon she returns home to alight upon a bough most dear to her heart. To be precise she will alight at 7.30pm on Friday 15th December at Peter’s Church Hall in Edinburgh. Way Aye hinnies come ceilidh once more to heart’s content.

This ceilidh will be raising money for two projects associated with the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre:

Weace Community Edinburgh- a new initiative aiming to create community through nonviolent action and events and,

Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre Cooperative Game & Conflict Resolution workshops for primary schools.

As usual there will be delicious refreshments, this time victuals as well as libations.

Here is the FB page for the event


And here is the poster from the ever inspired and inspiring Emma Brierley

Please feel free to spread the word, all are welcome, share the page as you please.






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Friday 19th January, St Peter’s Church Hall, Radical Herb fundraiser

Looking forward to this public fundraiser for the excellent Radical Herb Network. Friday 19th at St Peter’s Hall, Lutton Place, Edinburgh. 7.30-11.30 Advance tickets available from New Leaf Food Coop. Here is a link for further details